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Great Video Games to Buy

Hey gamers, over the Summer holidays you might want to buy a game or many games so if you don’t know which ones to buy here are some ideas to make your decisions easier.

First: Batman Arkham City: ESRB age rating T: For Xbox 360 and PS3

Second: NBA 2k 13: ESRB age rating E: for Xbox and PS3

Third: The Sims 3 seasons: ESRB rating T: for mac and PC

Fourth: Just Dance 4: ESRB RATING 10+: for Xbox kinect , Wii and PS move

Fifth: WWE 13: ESRB rating T: for PS3 and Xbox


 Submitted by Naaba, 5ss


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The Enderman

Endermen are a type of monster from mine craft. Mine craft is a game where you can build and collect things eg. houses, buildings, etc. In survival mode you have to defeat monsters. An Enderman is one of these. All monsters have a special power or weapon. The Enderman’s power is he can teleport and pick up blocks. This power makes them extremely annoying because they can steal your blocks.

Endermen have a very peculiar way of getting provoked. As well as being attacked, Endermen become hostile when players look at their upper legs, torso or head. This occurs even when players are 64 blocks away!! That’s a lot of blocks!!

Endermen appear frequently in The End, their home world. They also spawn in the Overworld, although only about 10 times more rare then normal zombies. They spawn in pairs and can be seen regularly at night in groups of up to five.

Endermen have glowing purple eyes, long limbs, a thin body, and are 3 blocks high. When aggressive they will open their mouths and their bodies will shake violently. A distinct sound will play when an aggressive Enderman is rushing towards you. When they do teleport they tend to appear behind the player.

For more info go to,

Submitted by Emerson, 3McK

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Mine craft is a computer game. The goal of the game is to build things like a house, skyscraper etc. Mine craft produced this song and music video using characters from the game. The song is about Creepers attacking Steve. Creepers attack people because they are monsters.

Watch how the character gets his revenge. And Creepers are green monsters that explode. The singer is a Mine craft character. I like it because it has a lot of action. Mine craft is a fun game that is fantasy.

Submitted by Jaden, G3McK

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Bloons Tower Defense 5

Bloons Tower Defense 5 is a game where you have all sorts of skilled monkeys, for example: dart monkeys, sniper monkeys, monkey ace, buccaneer monkeys and ice monkeys. The goal of the game is to destroy balloons by popping them. In it you get money as you play, from popping Bloons. You use that money to buy more skilled monkeys. Some types of Bloons (AKA balloons) are red, blue, green, yellow and MOAB’s. You can play it on Apple devices and computers.

Bloons Tower Defense 5 (AKA BTD5) is a fun game and you should really try it. Here is the website:


Written by Emerson, 3McK

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Pokémon Legendary

Pokémon Legendary are different to normal Pokémon because they have more powerful energy. Pokémon are creatures with powers like heroes.  They can blow up stadiums and forests. When Pokémon fight they use powers that are called metal sound, razor leaf, hyper beam, flash canon, bubble beam, earth power and focus energy.  Below is a picture with the names of the different Pokémon including, grass, psychic, dark, rock, steel, normal, dragon, electric, ice, fire, water, ghost, bug and fighting.



Submitted by: Jaden 3McK


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Pokémon are very popular little creatures, who appear in video games, TV shows and on cards that you can trade or battle.

Pokémon, created by Satoshi Tajiri CEO of Game Freak, started of as a video game for a system called the Nintendo entertainment system (NES). The game Pokémon (called pocket monsters or poketto monsuta in Japanese.) was invented not to help the rocky situation of the company Game Freak, but as a video game Satoshi wanted to play.

In the four long years of creating Pokémon he had little money to pay his workers. His mentor Shigeru Miyamoto, the inventor of super Mario bros and Donkey Kong, helped him out by giving him advice.

After it was popular in Japan he introduced Pokémon to the United States. USA loved it even though they changed most of the names to English names. Pikachu is one of the few names that did not get changed. Pikachu is a combination of two Japanese words. Pika, the word to describe the sound electricity makes and chu describes what a mouse sounds like. Pikachu became the electric mouse Pokémon.

Then in Japan something bad happened!! In Pokémon episode 23 titled Deno Senshi Porygon or computer soldier, Porygon. 20 minutes into the show an anti virus program fired missiles at Pikachu and his friends, while they were in a computer. Pikachu used his thunderbolt attack. The attack flashed across the screen with red and blue flashes. Even though that flash had happened earlier that show, in this scene animators used a technique called Paki Paki, which made lots of kids get sick. They were not aloud to show that episode. Even though, Pokémon was still popular.
You should really watch or play Pokémon.

For more info, go toémon

By Emerson, 3McK


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SIM Software

Will Wright created the Sims. The Sims started as a helicopter combat game where you go to cities and blow them up. The creator decided that people would want to make the cities so he made a game called Sim City. You start making your city from scratch.

He made a bigger version called Sim Earth where you do the same but on a whole planet. He then made Sim Ant where you make an ant colony survive. He went on to make Sim Life where you do stuff with the eco system. He made a game called Sim Farm where you make a farm. He then made a game called SimCity 2000, which is the same as SimCity, but you have more options.

He made a game called Sim Town for kids, which is like Sim City, which is child friendly. He then made SimCity 3000 where it has more features. He then made the Sims, which is about life like getting a job and stuff. He then made the Sims bursting where you have a real objective to make money. He then made the My Sims, which is a kiddie version for the Wii. He then made Sims 2 and 3 where there are more features.

Well that is my review of the Sims. I have left out some games because they are just add on packs, etc. Out of all of them my favorite is The Sims 3 because you can go solve mysteries!

PHOTOS of Sims, SimCity, sim ant, sim everything (Spore).


By Stuart, 5McA

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