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YOU ALL know him, the famous South Korean Pop star, PSY. He has brought us entertaining and funny songs and videos. PSY made his amazing debut with his song gangnam style which we all went crazy for. his famous horse dance was something that we all did when we heard his song. After a couple of months Gangnam style was starting to get boring, so on April 12th 2013 PSY came out with his new song Gentleman. As soon as the song came out it was on the news but the real thing we were all waiting for was the music video. PSY’s previous song gangnam style got 1,530,193,904 views !!!!!!! we really wanted the video to come out. surprisingly the video came out a few days ago but after me seeing it I recommend it for people 11+ because some of it may not be appropriate for younger viewers. his latest video has 89,143,242 views in just 3 days !!! so people 11+ you should check out this awesome video on youtube.

BY: Naaba 5SS

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Silly Poems

Silly1.   snake1

There once was a snake,
Who wanted to bake a cake
But couldn’t,
So thought:
I want to shake hands,
With a rake!


One day,
a shell,
had fell,
so the near by bell,
just had to tell,
to the shell,
please be careful,
and please take these flowers,
which have a superb smell!


A pair of feet,
walked down the street,
and found a sweet sweet,
in a sheet,
but didn’t like it,
so continued to walk
and went to meet,
another pair of feet!


One day a male met a female,
Together took a ride on a whale,
But soon felt pale,
So got off the whale,
And read a tale!


Two mice,
Went to eat rice,
But the price was too high,
So instead,
Ate a cheese slice,
Which was delicious and nice!


A snail,
Went down a zigzag trail,
To find a blue pail,
But got pricked by a nail,
So went home,
To read her exciting mail!

snailSubmitted by: Ananya 3McK

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Gummy Bears

A gummy bear, everyone loves them! What they don’t know is how fun and easy they are to make. This treat is great to make for a rainy day inside. Hope you enjoy them.

Homemade Gummy Candies

• 1/3 to 1/2 cup cold water
• 1 package flavored gelatin
• 4 packets non-flavored gelatin
• Candy molds

1. Place ½ cup of cold water in a pot; turn temperature to low heat (let it simmer).
2. Once hot, take your packets of non-flavored gelatin and stir them in until they dissolve.
3. Do the same thing with the flavored gelatin.
4. Stir the gelatins together until it has all dissolved.
5. Pore the liquid into a glass-measuring cup.
6. Still liquid, pore it in the candy molds.
7. Let that sit on the counter for about 3-5 minutes.
8. Then put in the freezer for 10-15 minutes.
9. Take out and then serve.

By: Jena, 5IM

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TwIST Times Junior Journalists – An IST After School Activity
Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Calling all student writers!
If you like to write than this is the activity for you. Junior Journalists are in charge of the IST Student School Newspaper “TwIST Times”. The TwIST Times is always looking for motivated, creative and hard working writers to contribute their work.

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