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Wipeout! episode 2 part 5

Wipeout is a course made by two men named John Anderson and John Henson. The most popular obstacles are the Big Balls and Sucker Punch. Other obstacles include the Slippery Stairs, Swing Of Faith and Dreadmill. There are Wii games on Wipeout. People are competing in Wipeout but I think they get very hurt in it. So don’t try to compete in it. I play wipeout a lot on Wii because it is fun and safe.

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Wipeout Videos

In case you haven’t read my previous article about wipeout

Wipeout is a reality game show where people compete for $50,000. There are all sorts of obstacles that people cross.
Some of them are: the big balls, the sucker punch and the jump of faith.

Check out these wipeout videos!

Wipeout S1E1

Wipeout S1E2

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Pokémon Legendary

Pokémon Legendary are different to normal Pokémon because they have more powerful energy. Pokémon are creatures with powers like heroes.  They can blow up stadiums and forests. When Pokémon fight they use powers that are called metal sound, razor leaf, hyper beam, flash canon, bubble beam, earth power and focus energy.  Below is a picture with the names of the different Pokémon including, grass, psychic, dark, rock, steel, normal, dragon, electric, ice, fire, water, ghost, bug and fighting.



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Pokémon are very popular little creatures, who appear in video games, TV shows and on cards that you can trade or battle.

Pokémon, created by Satoshi Tajiri CEO of Game Freak, started of as a video game for a system called the Nintendo entertainment system (NES). The game Pokémon (called pocket monsters or poketto monsuta in Japanese.) was invented not to help the rocky situation of the company Game Freak, but as a video game Satoshi wanted to play.

In the four long years of creating Pokémon he had little money to pay his workers. His mentor Shigeru Miyamoto, the inventor of super Mario bros and Donkey Kong, helped him out by giving him advice.

After it was popular in Japan he introduced Pokémon to the United States. USA loved it even though they changed most of the names to English names. Pikachu is one of the few names that did not get changed. Pikachu is a combination of two Japanese words. Pika, the word to describe the sound electricity makes and chu describes what a mouse sounds like. Pikachu became the electric mouse Pokémon.

Then in Japan something bad happened!! In Pokémon episode 23 titled Deno Senshi Porygon or computer soldier, Porygon. 20 minutes into the show an anti virus program fired missiles at Pikachu and his friends, while they were in a computer. Pikachu used his thunderbolt attack. The attack flashed across the screen with red and blue flashes. Even though that flash had happened earlier that show, in this scene animators used a technique called Paki Paki, which made lots of kids get sick. They were not aloud to show that episode. Even though, Pokémon was still popular.
You should really watch or play Pokémon.

For more info, go toémon

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