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Interviews With People Who Are Leaving IST

Submitted by: Amar 5McA and Yeyya 4H


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The Enderman

Endermen are a type of monster from mine craft. Mine craft is a game where you can build and collect things eg. houses, buildings, etc. In survival mode you have to defeat monsters. An Enderman is one of these. All monsters have a special power or weapon. The Enderman’s power is he can teleport and pick up blocks. This power makes them extremely annoying because they can steal your blocks.

Endermen have a very peculiar way of getting provoked. As well as being attacked, Endermen become hostile when players look at their upper legs, torso or head. This occurs even when players are 64 blocks away!! That’s a lot of blocks!!

Endermen appear frequently in The End, their home world. They also spawn in the Overworld, although only about 10 times more rare then normal zombies. They spawn in pairs and can be seen regularly at night in groups of up to five.

Endermen have glowing purple eyes, long limbs, a thin body, and are 3 blocks high. When aggressive they will open their mouths and their bodies will shake violently. A distinct sound will play when an aggressive Enderman is rushing towards you. When they do teleport they tend to appear behind the player.

For more info go to,

Submitted by Emerson, 3McK

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The Cobra Lily

How it eats
Cobra Lilies are plants that eat meat. Cobra Lilies attract bugs to its mouth with nectar. The bug crawls on the cobra lilies’ fangs, which are two leaves. The victim is lowered to the lips with hairs that prevent escape. The liquid then drowns the bug.

Where it lives
It lives in places with as much humidity as possible. It lives in western California and Oregon and needs as much water as possible.

Submitted by Jaden, 3McK

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All About Egyptians


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Bloons Tower Defense 5

Bloons Tower Defense 5 is a game where you have all sorts of skilled monkeys, for example: dart monkeys, sniper monkeys, monkey ace, buccaneer monkeys and ice monkeys. The goal of the game is to destroy balloons by popping them. In it you get money as you play, from popping Bloons. You use that money to buy more skilled monkeys. Some types of Bloons (AKA balloons) are red, blue, green, yellow and MOAB’s. You can play it on Apple devices and computers.

Bloons Tower Defense 5 (AKA BTD5) is a fun game and you should really try it. Here is the website:


Written by Emerson, 3McK

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Chelsea Top Team Now

Chelsea top team now

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Top 15 Football Players of 2013

Football top 15 amar_Page_1

Football top 15 amar_Page_2


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Kids Rock!


Kid's Rock title

Kids rock is lots of fun. It is a musical for kids.  We are performing songs from Jungle Book, High School Musical and Little Mermaid.  All you have to do in Kids Rock is to sing and dance and have fun. Children perform for parents and children. You can get a part in Kids Rock, and that might be a very fun part. When I went to Kids Rock for the first time, I got chosen to be an elephant in Jungle Book.  I also get to be a monkey.  The show starts on April 26 and ends on May 6.  The show is at the Little Theater in Dar es Salaam.  Next year you can sign up for Kids Rock.

Kid's Rock Dates

Submitted by: Joseph Gr. 3McK

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Have you ever had a nightmare? Goosebumps is a collection of scary books that is going to scare you so much you will hide your own eyes! The author is R.L. Stine. He had the idea to make a series of scary books and he did it. I would like to rate the books as a 10 because they are so scary. Check those books out soon. Some of my favorite books from the series are The Tour Guide of Horrorland and Who is Your Mummy. These books are so fun.


Scared you!

Thank you!

By Sagnik, 3b

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Pokémon Legendary

Pokémon Legendary are different to normal Pokémon because they have more powerful energy. Pokémon are creatures with powers like heroes.  They can blow up stadiums and forests. When Pokémon fight they use powers that are called metal sound, razor leaf, hyper beam, flash canon, bubble beam, earth power and focus energy.  Below is a picture with the names of the different Pokémon including, grass, psychic, dark, rock, steel, normal, dragon, electric, ice, fire, water, ghost, bug and fighting.



Submitted by: Jaden 3McK


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Wipeout is a reality game show in which contestants compete in the world’s largest obstacle course for $50,000! It is very funny if you like to watch people failing obstacles and continuously falling down.

6a00d83451d69069e201156fb531bb970c-320wiDid you know that Wipeout scored the highest premiere rating of any new show in summer 2008? Wipeout is mainly a summertime show, though it is still fun to play it during winter (also known as winter wipeout), spring (AKA spring wipeout) and winter wipeout (deck the balls).

Some country like it and have made their own versions. These countries include Great Britain, Argentina and Australia.

Some of the obstacles include most people’s favorite the Big Balls, the sucker punch, grandma’s house, the cookie cutter and the jump of fate. Wipeout is the best comedy-obstacle course ever!!!!

For more information go to

By Emerson 3MCK

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Rainforest Pictures


by Zoe, 3B

find out more on

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Harriet Tubman


Harriet Tubman is an amazing woman who was a slave for most of her life in the 1800’s. When she was a teenager her mom was sold as a slave. Their master, Susan whipped slaves that didn’t do what she said. When Susan died, Harriet and her brother escaped. When she was an adult she helped slaves escape to through under ground railroad, which is secret system for slaves to escape to the north. During that time, a war was happening between people who wanted slavery and other people who did not want slavery. See who wins by learning more about Harriet Tubman and the Civil War.

Submitted by: Jaden 3McK

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Hello friends! Here is a cool game you might want to play. Check it out.

  1. Search in google ‘poptropica’.
  2. Click new player.
  3. Choose your gender.
  4. Choose your age.
  5. Click on the hot air balloon.
  6. Now you can choose any island you want to go.

When you come to a island then you will see a button saying save. Click on it to get your own homepage. Enter a username and password, then click ok. To see your homepage click on the home icon. You will find a place where it says pop quiz. In there you can answer personal information to make a pop quiz. If you click on friends you will find out that you can see answers that are answered in the pop quiz. If you click on tribes you will have to press the button and you will appear in a room. In the room you can battle and chat with other players just by clicking on them. In the daily pop you can read books, play games and watch videos. In one of the games, you have to search for clues and talk to people to get more clues and to enter competitions that will help you get past the island.
If you complete the quest, you earn prizes and coins to spend in the store. I like this game. It rocks! You should try it, too.

By Sagnik, 3b

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Dinosaurs are the giant lizards that ruled the earth for a long time like humans do today. There were different kinds of species and some of them were carnivores and some of them were herbivore, but there were few species of omnivores like Heterodontosaurus ,Therizinosaurs ,Troodons. They lived million of years ago and they became extinct because of a giant rock from sky. It was a disaster but some people think these lizards died because of mammals. They think mammals ate the all the eggs of dinosaurs but scientist have proof that mammals just couldn’t eat all the eggs at the same time. The mammals that lived in the time of the dinosaurs were too small to eat the eggs . There is strong proof that the dinosaur mothers risked their life to protect their egg from there enemies or from predators. For example the triceratop mother would fight with a tyrannosaurus rex, and scientists have proof.

Starting Transformation periods of dinosaurs

Cambrian period: (570 million years ago)
The first fishes, corals, trilobites and shellfish appeared.
Ordovician period: (505 million years ago)
The first nautiloids appeared. Corals and trilobites were common
Silurian period: (438 million years ago)
The first land plants and giant sea scorpions called Eurypterids appeared.
Devonian period: (408 million years ago)
The first amphibians, insects and spiders appeared

Biggest transformation period of dinosaurs

Triassic period [237 MA]
The first dinosaurs appeared, the first mammals appeared and fishes came to the land and turned into lizards.

Jurassic period [195 million years ago]
Powerful dinosaurs appeared and some dinosaurs weapons.

Last period of dinosaurs [65 millions ago]
The best dinosaurs appeared but they died

Ultimate fights!!!!!

Gianatasaurs VS argentinesarus
Allosaarus VS stegasaurus
Tyrannosaurus VS triceratop

Who do you think is the most popular dinosaur? I think T-rex. Here are some interesting facts about this great dinosaur.

One of the most powerful dinosaurs who ever walked on earth 70 million years ago was the T-rex and this dinosaur was a big threat to herbivores like Triceratops. These dinosaurs have giant jaws that are 5 times stronger than a crocodile and just one power full bite can kill a sauropod [if they can catch one].These dinosaurs had a very good sense of smell but they were not very smart.

Interesting facts
Name-Tyrannosaurus Rex
Name means-tyrant lizard
Lived when-70 million years ago
Weight-up to 71/2 tones
Height-12-13 feet tall at hips [the hip would have been twice as tall as a man]
Length –up to 43 feet
Weapons –massive jaws 50 to 60 blade like teeth, some up to 9 inch long
Habitat-open woodland

One last thing we are lucky to have brave scientist to dig up these dinosaurs and prove that these creatures had ruled the earth for a long time…

written by Nayana, Grade 5IM

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Nefertiti – Pharaoh Queen of Egypt

titlenef_thumbHow does Nefertiti one of the most powerful and beautiful queens of ancient Egypt vanish from history? With the help of her enemies, of course. One thing that egyptologists agree on is, when it comes to Nefertiti, she had a lot of enemies. She was the wife of pharaoh Akhenaten and maybe ruler in her own right after his death. In 1912 an amazing limestone sculpture of her face was dug out at the royal retreat of Amarna. It is more than 3,200 years old. Her name means “The beautiful(or perfect) woman has come.” Some scholars think Nefertiti traveled to Egypt from a different land. Others think she was royal by birth. Some think she didn’t have royal blood at all. A man named Ay killed the boy king (I think the boy king is her son.)


kidsclick image



Submitted by Zoe,  3B


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Rosa Parks


Rosa Parks is an African American hero. She was born on Feb 4th, 1913. Her story is unusual. For a small reason she was sent to jail.

One day, Dec 1st, 1955 in Montgomery, Alabama, Rosa sat in a bus in the section where both white people and black people could sit. After a while, a white man wanted to sit in her seat, but she refused! Even the bus driver came to ask her to move, but she still refused! “Get up, lady or else you’ll get arrested!” the bus driver screamed. But Rosa still refused. She thought that black people should be treated the same way white people were treated.

Soon she got arrested. Then Martin Luther King Jr. got Rosa freed. He then organized the bus boycott.This meant all black people would walk instead of using buses. So all black people walked for a year to change the laws that said black people had to sit at the back of the bus.  And after one whole year of walking the law was changed.

Rosa Parks fought for what she thought was right. She died on Oct 24th, 2005. She was a true civil rights hero.

By Ananya, 3McK

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The lion is one of the most dangerous animals in the African savanna. Lions live as a pride. There are a lot of female lions in the pride but only three or two male lions in the pride. Only females hunt and male lions protect the pride from enemies such as hyenas. For most of the time during the day male lions sleep. Lions only live in the savanna in Africa.

by Nayana, 5IM

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Glamorous Demi

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