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How To Get Something From Your Younger Sibling

Do you want something that your younger sibling has? Well have no fear! I am here to show you how to get it. This depends on what age your sibling is. If your sibling is 13-20 years, well then this is useless to you. Goodbye! But if your sibling is 4-12 years, then read ahead!

The first step to “borrowing” your sibling’s whatever is to get something cooler. Now, if you don’t have anything cooler, then make what you have LOOK cooler. This is simpler than you think. Because you are the older person, the younger person will want what you have if they think it is cooler. So all you have to do is make it seem like it is cooler!

How To Make Your Thing Look Cooler:

1. Say “Hey! Look what I found! My ____”
2. Play with it or take it everywhere you go (if possible)
3. Say “Did you know that this ___ has made me cooler?”
4. Say “I love you” to it every time she/he is there

Now if you are successful in making your younger sibling think that your ___ is cool, then you are ready to go on to the next step. The next step is to trade your ‘cool’ thing for what you want from your younger sibling. Now to do this successfully, you first need to get you and your sibling together in a room (with the thing you want). Then you ask “Do you want to make a deal?” You say this in the most serious way possible. If they say no you say, “Too bad, you were going to get my ___.” After you say that, they should say yes. If they still say no, then you can’t continue. When they say yes, you say “How about I give you my ___ and you give me your ___?” Now, if they say OK, then you’re done! Congratulations!! If they say no, then you walk away like you don’t care and say OK. Then maybe they’ll say Ok. But if they don’t… then sorry.

Well I guess this is …..

By Valerie, 4H


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Don’t Forget to Wash Your Hands…

Hey guys! I’m going to show you all the steps to washing your hands.

STEP 1: Turn on the tap.

STEP 2: Get some soap.

STEP 3: Rub your hands together for15 seconds be sure to scrub the middle of your fingers.

STEP 4: Rinse your hands for 15 seconds.

STEP 5: Turn off tap.

STEP 6: Dry your hands

Wow! Now your hands are super clean and beautiful. Hope this will help you have clean hands.

By Deborah, Grade 3R

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How To Babysit

Managing kids can be a challenge. One moment they’re snuggling up for stories and talking about their imaginary friends. The next, they’re pinching they’re brothers and sisters or painting the new puppy purple.

How do you cope? You plan. For babysitting you need to be creative, adventurous and know a lot of games. These things will not matter if you do not know what to do if a child has fallen or if a two year old throws a tantrum.

Have a plan! Look for good clients and spread the word to family, friends and neighbors that you are looking forward to babysit.

What is babysitting about? Firstly you have to find a job where you are safe and comfortable. When you go for an interview ask the correct questions and rules of the house. Think about how you will stay in an unfamiliar house.

It will happen! If you are not happy working with newborns or kids with problems there will always be another chance so don’t panic.

Be prepared! The most important thing is to keep yourself and the kids safe. Are you a good babysitter if you can’t handle emergency situations? No you aren’t, if you are not confident.

Don’t panic… you should have the numbers which are able to connect to the kid’s parents or any other important place.

When you have to prepare lunch, planning saves you time and worry. How will you make sure if the young kids or babies stay safe and out of trouble while you prepare a meal?

Young children are very demanding and grab your time. Time management skills like meal time and nap time will be very useful.

Are you used to changing diapers? If you think changing diapers is disgusting then don’t bother to baby sit kids who wear diapers. Be a risk taker and try to change the diaper.

Hey guys do you want make some money for your slumber party and go shopping contact ilsa for babysitting jobs. Babysitting looks complicated but is not when you love kids.

By Ilsa, 5McA

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How to Start a Conversation…

Maybe you’re sitting next to some one you don’t know and you want to find out about them. Here are some questions you might ask:

Do you like monkeys?
Are hot dogs great?
Do you know how to play basketball?
What school do you like?
Do you like your school?
Do you like to write?
Do you like silly games?
What is your name?
How old are you?
Where are you from?
What do you like to do?
Do you have a pet?

Hope this helps you to make new friends.

By Deborah, 3R

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How to Make an Origami Swan

Submitted by Sara, Grade 3

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How to Take Care of Pets

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How To Do Gymnastics

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How to do a cartwheel:

1. Put your right or left leg in front of the other.
2. Raise the leg that is in front up.
3. Slowly put both of your hands down and kick your legs up into a split position in the air.
4. Kick your legs down and you’ve done a cartwheel!

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How to do a handstand:

1. Place your left or right foot in front of the other.
2. Put your hands down and carefully get your legs in a straight position in the air.
3. To come down, split your legs and put them down. You’ve done a handstand!

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How to do a split:

1. Stand with your legs spread apart.
2.Push yourself down slowly. You’ve done a split!

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How to do a back walkover:

1. Place your right or left leg in front of the other.
2. Arch backwards and kick your leg up in the air and get in to a split position in the air.
3. Arch your back and place one leg down at a time, you’ve done a back walkover!

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How to do a front walkover:

1. Place one leg in front of the other.
2. Bend forward and place your hands on the ground.
3. Kick one leg over until you get into a split position in the air.
4. Put your legs down one at a time. You’ve done a front walkover!

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How to do a side-ways split:

1. Place your legs in a side-ways position.
2. Push down slowly. You’ve done a split!

How to do a headstand:

1. Place your legs in a kneeling position and put your upper arms down.
2. Level your legs into a slanted position.
3. Kick your legs up into a bent position.
4. Raise your legs into a straight position. You’ve done a headstand!

Written by Emeline, Sara and Fiona

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