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Stronghold Crusader

Stronghold is a medieval computer game where you build castles and farms for your people. Before you make your crops, you need make a storeroom to keep all your food in. Next you’ll need to build an armory to keep all your swords, shields and your knight’s army. After that you’ll need to build some gates and walls to protect your kingdom. You can hire some people to make catapults to destroy your enemy’s walls and conquer your enemy’s land. You can have allies that could send food and building materials plus some gear for your army. The only problem with some allies is when you’re under attack and you call for help, they sometimes don’t help you. Most of the time your ally asks for some materials and if you don’t give them anything, they’ll keep on asking until you give them what they want.

Some enemies threaten to attack you like Pig and Wolf. Those are some people who you’ll meet in the game. Some good allies to have is the Lion king and Sahar. They both have great armies. At the start of the game you could start with 2,000 gold coins, 8,000 or 20,000 gold coins. If I were you, I’d start out with 20,000 or you’ll suffer since you don’t have any money. If you have no money, your people will leave your kingdom and you’ll be all alone. Stronghold is a very fun game.

By Heritage, 5IM


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Mine craft is a computer game. The goal of the game is to build things like a house, skyscraper etc. Mine craft produced this song and music video using characters from the game. The song is about Creepers attacking Steve. Creepers attack people because they are monsters.

Watch how the character gets his revenge. And Creepers are green monsters that explode. The singer is a Mine craft character. I like it because it has a lot of action. Mine craft is a fun game that is fantasy.

Submitted by Jaden, G3McK

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Bloons Tower Defense 5

Bloons Tower Defense 5 is a game where you have all sorts of skilled monkeys, for example: dart monkeys, sniper monkeys, monkey ace, buccaneer monkeys and ice monkeys. The goal of the game is to destroy balloons by popping them. In it you get money as you play, from popping Bloons. You use that money to buy more skilled monkeys. Some types of Bloons (AKA balloons) are red, blue, green, yellow and MOAB’s. You can play it on Apple devices and computers.

Bloons Tower Defense 5 (AKA BTD5) is a fun game and you should really try it. Here is the website:


Written by Emerson, 3McK

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Sploder is a type of website where you can create your own game but you need an account. In this game you’re able to make levels that have power suits, fire trolls and robots. When you press test level you’ll see how much fun Sploder can be. You could challenge your friends with your game to see if they could win or lose. You can even add in some cars, swords, and shields. You can make up to 10 levels with lava, water and weak floors. You can even add in lives plus blasters to help you defend yourself when attacked. The hard part about Sploder is learning how to play it because you have to know how to play it when you test it or you’ll die. Sploder is a game that you can learn how to play, but it can sometimes be hard or easy. In Sploder you can even invite your friends and play multiplayer but you both have to have a Sploder account in order to play. When you play try to make it easy enough for you to beat or else you’ll get sad that you can’t beat it. If you can’t beat you it, you should just try again or make your game again.

Check out Sploder at WWW.SPLODER.COM

Written by Heritage, 5IM

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