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The Story of Midas

The Story of Midas

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Myths and legends of vampires have haunted people for thousand of years. No one knows who told the first vampire stories, but ancient mesopotamians were some of the first. More than 4,000 years ago, these people, from the area of modern Iraq, feared an evil goddess called Lamashtu. The people believed that Lamashtu killed young children and killed men and women to drink their blood.

Most modern legends, however, came from eastern Europe. In the past a rare disease called catalepsy can make a person stiff and slow down their breathing. When the person became stiff and slowed down their breathing, people thought they were dead but when the person started breathing again, people thought they came back from the dead. This made them believe that they were vampires. The features of a vampire are two fangs and sharp teeth in his mouth. A vampire’s hand is a sharp snatcher. I mean their nails are so sharp they can break a glass! If you want to kill a vampire, the best way to kill it is to bring a mirror and open the window when it is morning and the vampire is going to his room. He will burn . Here I will explain it. If a vampire comes in a sunny place, he will burn, that means this monster sleeps at morning and wakes up at dark .

If you want to know more about vampires, here are some links you can search in Google:

Wikepedia – Dracula

written by Sagnik, Grade 3B

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Why are elephants scared of mice?

Long ago the elephant was the king of the jungle. In this time the elephant laughed at the small animals. One day the elephant talked to the animals for a meeting. At this time the clever small mouse challenged the elephant to a battle. Then the other animals were surprised. Then the battle day came and the small mouse and elephant were ready for battle. One, two, three-said tortoise and the battle started. The elephant came and attacked the mouse. Then the small mouse went to the elephant’s trunk but the elephant didn’t see that. At this time the elephant got sick. Then the elephant cried then the mouse came out. Then the elephant was scared of the mouse and ran away from the mouse. After that day until today elephants are scared of mice.

By Nayana, 5IM

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