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Have you ever had a nightmare? Goosebumps is a collection of scary books that is going to scare you so much you will hide your own eyes! The author is R.L. Stine. He had the idea to make a series of scary books and he did it. I would like to rate the books as a 10 because they are so scary. Check those books out soon. Some of my favorite books from the series are The Tour Guide of Horrorland and Who is Your Mummy. These books are so fun.


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By Sagnik, 3b


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The Lightning Thief Book Review

The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan is about a half blooded boy called Percy Jackson (if your halfblooded your half god and half human). Percy’s father is Poseidon. Percy has changed school 6 times because in every school something horrible, or in other words, peculiar things have happened. Before Percy was born, his father went to sail over the oceans. He never came back so Percy never got to meet his father.

When Percy grew older his mother married an ugly “stinker” called Gabe. Percy’s mother died when she and Percy fought against a big monster called a Minotaur that Hades had sent because he wanted to kill Percy. Percy survives the fight and goes through a lot of adventures with other half bloods, monsters and gods.

This book is a mix of fantasy and adventure. Will Percy ever meet his mother in the under world? Read to find out and if you like it then you can read the rest of the series.

Written by Mira, Grade 3P

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Inkheart Book Review

Submitted by Sara, Grade 3

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Another Book Review…

Submitted by Fiona, Grade 3

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TwIST Times – Book Review


The Magic Tree House books are set in the tallest tree in Frog Creek Woods. The characters are Annie, a 7 year old girl who is very naughty and curious, and Jack, an 8 year old boy who likes reading and is the opposite of his sister Annie.The main idea of the book is that Jack and Annie solve riddles that their guide Morgan gives them so they can become master librarians and master magicians.There are many kinds of books in this series you can read. There are up to 60 or more books in the series of Magic Tree House.These adventures are for all ages in IST and above. There are non-fiction and fiction and are enjoyable for everybody in the whole world! Nobody would get bored of these books and we guarantee it. Enjoy reading!

Written by Mehaar and Malavika

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