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IBDP VisualArts Final Exhibition

williamInterview with Ms Nora Graham, IB Art Teacher and her IB Art student, William

IBDP VisualArts Final Exhibition 2013 at IST Secondary Campus

Q: How long have the students been working on their projects?
William: Depends on what students are doing and what media they have chosen for their project. For example painting takes a week, sometimes longer. This piece for example, took me a long time about 6 months – it is a portrait that I used both paint and charcoal to create this piece.

Q: What is the purpose of the Final Exhibition?
William: The Final Exhibition is the way we students get to show people what we have been working on over the past 2 years. The work we have on display are pieces that we have produced from research that we have done and for our course work in class.

Q: Can we come see your student’s work?
William and Ms Nora: Yes! Please come. Tuesday, March 26th from 5 to 7pm in the IST Secondary Campus Library. You are invited to see all the work students have produced – there is a lot to see. William’s work will be displayed downstairs in Secondary Campus Library.

Q: Can we join in – will there be opportunity for us to do art with your students?
Ms Nora: Unfortunately there will not be opportunities for interactive art this year BUT I really like your idea and maybe we can work on something for next year. Please do come a support our students. They have worked very hard to produce amazing art!


Thank you William and Ms Nora.

Submitted by Sienna, Chhaya and Ines, G3 McK


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