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Kids Rock!


Kid's Rock title

Kids rock is lots of fun. It is a musical for kids.  We are performing songs from Jungle Book, High School Musical and Little Mermaid.  All you have to do in Kids Rock is to sing and dance and have fun. Children perform for parents and children. You can get a part in Kids Rock, and that might be a very fun part. When I went to Kids Rock for the first time, I got chosen to be an elephant in Jungle Book.  I also get to be a monkey.  The show starts on April 26 and ends on May 6.  The show is at the Little Theater in Dar es Salaam.  Next year you can sign up for Kids Rock.

Kid's Rock Dates

Submitted by: Joseph Gr. 3McK


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IBDP VisualArts Final Exhibition

williamInterview with Ms Nora Graham, IB Art Teacher and her IB Art student, William

IBDP VisualArts Final Exhibition 2013 at IST Secondary Campus

Q: How long have the students been working on their projects?
William: Depends on what students are doing and what media they have chosen for their project. For example painting takes a week, sometimes longer. This piece for example, took me a long time about 6 months – it is a portrait that I used both paint and charcoal to create this piece.

Q: What is the purpose of the Final Exhibition?
William: The Final Exhibition is the way we students get to show people what we have been working on over the past 2 years. The work we have on display are pieces that we have produced from research that we have done and for our course work in class.

Q: Can we come see your student’s work?
William and Ms Nora: Yes! Please come. Tuesday, March 26th from 5 to 7pm in the IST Secondary Campus Library. You are invited to see all the work students have produced – there is a lot to see. William’s work will be displayed downstairs in Secondary Campus Library.

Q: Can we join in – will there be opportunity for us to do art with your students?
Ms Nora: Unfortunately there will not be opportunities for interactive art this year BUT I really like your idea and maybe we can work on something for next year. Please do come a support our students. They have worked very hard to produce amazing art!


Thank you William and Ms Nora.

Submitted by Sienna, Chhaya and Ines, G3 McK

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Maretha L Pienaar’s Photo Exhibition

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IST’s Got Talent 2012 Review

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IST’s Got Talent – Again! 2012

Do you have any plans for Saturday night? If not, you should come to IST to see IST’S GOT TALENT!

It will be the best show in the history of Dar es Salaam. Almost the whole school is in it, which is a lot of kids. You can see dancing, singing and a lot of other stuff.

Time: 5:00
Where: IST covered court
When: 5th of May

By Emma and Ilsa

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Building Hope One Brick at a Time

Extra, Extra, read all about it.

This is IST and in IST some crazy things happen, like ideas to RAISE MONEY, but let’s take a closer look at it… There is a group called, Building Hope One Brick At A Time. Stay tuned…

In the photo above, there is a group of students. Now I have been doing some research and found out that this group of students has been working really hard on some plans to raise money to build a school in India.

Well, there is not much to do now but to help them raise money for a good cause and enjoy the good food..,. Thank you and stay tuned for more by Daniel… 😉

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