The Enderman

Endermen are a type of monster from mine craft. Mine craft is a game where you can build and collect things eg. houses, buildings, etc. In survival mode you have to defeat monsters. An Enderman is one of these. All monsters have a special power or weapon. The Enderman’s power is he can teleport and pick up blocks. This power makes them extremely annoying because they can steal your blocks.

Endermen have a very peculiar way of getting provoked. As well as being attacked, Endermen become hostile when players look at their upper legs, torso or head. This occurs even when players are 64 blocks away!! That’s a lot of blocks!!

Endermen appear frequently in The End, their home world. They also spawn in the Overworld, although only about 10 times more rare then normal zombies. They spawn in pairs and can be seen regularly at night in groups of up to five.

Endermen have glowing purple eyes, long limbs, a thin body, and are 3 blocks high. When aggressive they will open their mouths and their bodies will shake violently. A distinct sound will play when an aggressive Enderman is rushing towards you. When they do teleport they tend to appear behind the player.

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Submitted by Emerson, 3McK


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