The Brief Trip to Neptune

“Gromit, you have to try this new invention I made,” said Wallace.
Wallace gives Gromit the new invention.

“MM,” said Gromit, “Wallace how did you make it? It feels like clouds when you put it in your mouth.”

“Well, you will see when we get to Neptune,” said Wallace.

In a few hours they were making a rocket that could go through the asteroid belt. So what they did was they made a little teleporter that could send them around the asteroid belt. At the end of the third day, they were so tired but they had to go into space the next day.

The following day they set off but had forgotten to take containers to put the invention in, so they could bring some back with them to earth. If I was them, I would be so mad at myself. It was too late to go back now so they just had to continue.

So off they went higher and higher up to the sky zooming past Mars, Jupiter, and many more things like black holes, satellites, a meteor and even a nebula in the distance until at last they got to Neptune!! Gromit was the first to get out.

When he got out, he saw all around him, the same thing that Wallace had invented. Gromit immediately started gulfing it down as he thought it was cotton candy. Wallace got out of the spaceship. They were having the lifetime dream of walking in cotton candy!! After eating cotton candy for two hours they realized that there were UFOs parked in the sky around them. From then on they were terrified and ate cautiously.

Then they saw something strange in the distance. The first sign of nepblobs was little huts made of rocks. The first one they saw was one that had ten eyes.
The first thing they did was scream, “AAAAAAAAA!”

When more nepblobs came, Wallace and Gromit shoved as much cotton candy as they could fit in the rocket and went storming home in their rocket. It took them many days to get back home. On their way back they past the other outer planets, which are Uranus, Saturn, and Jupiter. They had a fab time at home because they had so much cotton candy with them to last a decade and they lived happily ever after, eating cotton candy for every meal. Even though they went for ten hours it felt like two years!

By: Amar, 5McA

The two Chelsea fans are still going on crazy adventures.


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