How To Get Something From Your Younger Sibling

Do you want something that your younger sibling has? Well have no fear! I am here to show you how to get it. This depends on what age your sibling is. If your sibling is 13-20 years, well then this is useless to you. Goodbye! But if your sibling is 4-12 years, then read ahead!

The first step to “borrowing” your sibling’s whatever is to get something cooler. Now, if you don’t have anything cooler, then make what you have LOOK cooler. This is simpler than you think. Because you are the older person, the younger person will want what you have if they think it is cooler. So all you have to do is make it seem like it is cooler!

How To Make Your Thing Look Cooler:

1. Say “Hey! Look what I found! My ____”
2. Play with it or take it everywhere you go (if possible)
3. Say “Did you know that this ___ has made me cooler?”
4. Say “I love you” to it every time she/he is there

Now if you are successful in making your younger sibling think that your ___ is cool, then you are ready to go on to the next step. The next step is to trade your ‘cool’ thing for what you want from your younger sibling. Now to do this successfully, you first need to get you and your sibling together in a room (with the thing you want). Then you ask “Do you want to make a deal?” You say this in the most serious way possible. If they say no you say, “Too bad, you were going to get my ___.” After you say that, they should say yes. If they still say no, then you can’t continue. When they say yes, you say “How about I give you my ___ and you give me your ___?” Now, if they say OK, then you’re done! Congratulations!! If they say no, then you walk away like you don’t care and say OK. Then maybe they’ll say Ok. But if they don’t… then sorry.

Well I guess this is …..

By Valerie, 4H


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