Food That Fools You

This may look mouth-watering, but if you chomped down on it, your taste buds would never trust you again.

The food stylists and the photographer have many different tricks up their sleeves when they put this food on platters. For a fact milk on cereal is just white glue on cardboard so the cereal won’t get soggy. A banana may just have a thick coating of lemon juice over it. I don’t think you would want to be biting your teeth into this ‘delicious’ food anymore!

Super Soapy Milk
A glass of milk might look freshly poured, but really, it might have been standing there for an hour. Food stylists add dish soap bubbles just before the shoot.

Nice Ice
The ice in a glass of lemonade may look refreshing but they’re really just $50 hand-carved plastic blocks.

Cranberry Delight
That thirst-quenching cranberry juice looks very good, but it is really just water with red food coloring.

Hot Potato
A spud might look piping hot but all the steam came from a wet cotton ball in a microwave oven hidden behind the potato. Squishy margarine was used instead of real melted butter.

Paper Stuffed Chicken
Only partly cooked chicken is set out in front of you. Otherwise its skin would get wrinkled and burned. It may have looked delicious on T.V., but in your mouth it tastes like blubber. Just so you know, its also been painted with a special mixture of brown. It’s also stuffed with paper towels.

Waterproof Bread
You don’t want to chow down on this bread. It’s been coated with a special spray that most people normally use to protect their car interiors from water and sun. Stylists use it so the bread doesn’t dry out.

Icing Cream
This delicious looking scoop of vanilla ice cream is really what is covering your cake, just mixed with powdered sugar. That way it isn’t about to melt under the bright lights when the camera clicks.

Super Strawberries
Mmmmm. You can’t wait to sink your teeth into that strawberry, right? Well here’s a fact for you. The reason those strawberries look so red is because their white spots have been coated with lipstick till they shine.

From now on I hope you think twice before you order something off of a food advertisement, or else.

Submitted by Amina, 4S


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