Wipeout is a reality game show in which contestants compete in the world’s largest obstacle course for $50,000! It is very funny if you like to watch people failing obstacles and continuously falling down.

6a00d83451d69069e201156fb531bb970c-320wiDid you know that Wipeout scored the highest premiere rating of any new show in summer 2008? Wipeout is mainly a summertime show, though it is still fun to play it during winter (also known as winter wipeout), spring (AKA spring wipeout) and winter wipeout (deck the balls).

Some country like it and have made their own versions. These countries include Great Britain, Argentina and Australia.

Some of the obstacles include most people’s favorite the Big Balls, the sucker punch, grandma’s house, the cookie cutter and the jump of fate. Wipeout is the best comedy-obstacle course ever!!!!

For more information go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wipeout_(series)

By Emerson 3MCK


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