Silly Poems

Silly1.   snake1

There once was a snake,
Who wanted to bake a cake
But couldn’t,
So thought:
I want to shake hands,
With a rake!


One day,
a shell,
had fell,
so the near by bell,
just had to tell,
to the shell,
please be careful,
and please take these flowers,
which have a superb smell!


A pair of feet,
walked down the street,
and found a sweet sweet,
in a sheet,
but didn’t like it,
so continued to walk
and went to meet,
another pair of feet!


One day a male met a female,
Together took a ride on a whale,
But soon felt pale,
So got off the whale,
And read a tale!


Two mice,
Went to eat rice,
But the price was too high,
So instead,
Ate a cheese slice,
Which was delicious and nice!


A snail,
Went down a zigzag trail,
To find a blue pail,
But got pricked by a nail,
So went home,
To read her exciting mail!

snailSubmitted by: Ananya 3McK


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One response to “Silly Poems

  1. Zoe

    LOL! Aninia it is sooooooooo FUNNY! Please make more!

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